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Re: Finally, the end of PageRank

John Bokma wrote:

> Incognito wrote:
>> You guys don't honestly think someone will not find a blackhat
>> technique in this newER TrustRank, do you?
> I haven't read it, but if once trust can be reduced if one links to bad
> sites, who is going to risk that? I mean, if I link to your site, and
> suddenly my postion drops 20 places for all my important phrases, am I
> going to link to you? Moreover, if my dropping 20 places makes others who
> link to me drop 5 places? And people linking to them drop 1 place?
> If linking to a bad site means you both lose position and IBLs (and hence
> more position)...
> (Mind: I haven't read the document yet).
>> If so, you're walking around
>> blindfolded. Don't get me wrong, I hate spammers with the best of them,
>> but there will always be blackhat stuff that will work for rank very
>> well.
> Blackhat stuff has become harder and harder in my opinion. I remember the
> days one could run a perl script and kick hundreds of pages in Altavista
> and some other SEs within 24 hours, and get many, many hits on pages
> containing just crap.

So was that /you/, Mr. Perl? *smile*

The ability to cheat prevails, but it becomes more and more expensive, I
think. Once it becomes more expensive than its rewards, blackhat will reach
an end.

Nowadays, bandwidth goes up and the net grows enormously, which is worrying.
Traffic becomes less manageable.


Roy S. Schestowitz

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