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Re: What is an SEO IQ?

Logician wrote:

> Today, an "expert" SEO charging £12000 to get my site at #1 saw me,
> and what follows is true:
> - he did not know hitwise.com
> - he said "appearance is everything"
> - he can guarantee position #1 in google.com
> As I was telling him about basic SEO sites and facts his assistant was
> breaking the light barrier in taking notes on a small white pad. He
> turned at one point and said quickly - "Did you get that?"
> After about 30 mins, he said: "I can get you at #1 in google.com, and
> it will cost .... £12,000"
> "You have to understand that appearance is everything - people will buy
> based on pleasing appearances - they dont need content."

I would have to agree with him. To get your site listed in somebody's
bookmarks, it needs to stand out. This is not based on personal experience,
but other people's experiences. People are reluctant to buy any merchandise
from 1998-styled (NS 4) plain-HTML site with a VISA logo down the bottom.
Appearance is the only indicator (as unfair as it may be) of how
long-standing, reliable and prolific a company is.

* Most surfers do not know PageRank.

* Most surfers will not do a lookup in whois.net

* Most surfers will be unable to determine the breadth of a site without
navigating through it page-by-page.

I am reminded an old quote from Zeldman (one of today's Web gurus)...

I couldn't find it on the Web Archive unfortunately... this page goes as far
back as 1996 and I can't search it properly. The gist of it all was that in
order to get more visitors, the best thing to do is make your site


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