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Re: What is an SEO IQ?

Big Bill wrote:

>>I couldn't find it on the Web Archive unfortunately... this page goes as
>>far back as 1996 and I can't search it properly. The gist of it all was
>>that in order to get more visitors, the best thing to do is make your site
> There's a reason why that quote's old and you can't find it now, it's
> the mantra that was used to sell Flash and gimmickry - bells, whistles
> - to corporate marketers in those days. You have to have the latest
> this and that otherwise no-one will come to your site, that was the
> gist of it.

You've got a point and I agree that Flash is a poor choice from many angles.
Somebody for whom I built a Web site 4 years ago insisted on Flash
bells-and-whistles. A few years down the line and there is maybe one SE
referral every 2 days and only a handful of visitors (that site is for just
one architect though).

The magic is being able to deliver plenty without requiring too much.
Specifically, do not require high bandwidth (I have committed that crime),
plug-ins, a certain media type (e.g. screen), media size etc. As model
sites you can take Eric Meyer's:


  (put here, no direct URL:
   http://www.websiteoptimization.com/services/analyze/ )

The page is very light, and yet quite rich and clean. Let the technology
(e.g. CSS) do all the work rather than traffic.


Roy S. Schestowitz

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