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Re: Default zoom size (How can I control it?)

Walter Dnes (delete the 'z' to get my real address) wrote:

>   I recently purchased a digital camera.  Since I paid for 5 megapixels,
> I'm damn well going to use 5 megapixels <g>.  That comes out to 2560 X
> 1920.  I don't have a monitor that can do quite that.  So the realistic
> best is to have Gimp display photos at 50% zoom, i.e. 1280 X 960, while
> I work on them.

Quite understandable, so why don't you use the '+' and '-' accelerators (no
CTRL or ALT involved)? If you open a selection of images, set focus to
follow mouse in your WM (possible in both GNOME and KDE) and then hover
over all images, pressing '+' as you pass each one. This is rather quick
and has become innate after using the more cumbersome Menu->View->selection
down the list.

>   I'm running linux, so I can play around with X modelines.  With my
> monitor at 1600 X 1200 resolution, there's plenty of clearance for both
> the main menu and a 50% zoom (1280 X 960) display window, and its
> associated menus and decorations without any overlapping.  However,
> Gimp chooses to come up at 33% zoom.  Even at 1704 X 1278, it comes up
> at 33% zoom.  Only when I push resolution to 1712 X 1284 pixels, will
> Gimp come up with a 50% zoom (1280 X 960).

I can't identify an option that will enable you to change this behaviour in
the GIMP. I think that providing such an option would be excessive too, so
it was made automatic (indepedent of the user's will).

>   It wastes tons of screen space.  Heck, 1560 X 1170 pixels is sufficient
> to display both the main menu and a 50% zoom image window, without any
> overlap at all.  I either have to manually reset each image window to
> 50% or else squint while I work with a 33% zoom image in the middle of a
> sea of empty space.

I think you forget that some users open dozens of images at a time. I prefer
it when the images get displayed within smaller windows so that I get an
overview over what's open (the WM isolates them nicely too using cunning
placements). You otherwise get that cascading windows layout, which I find
very unhelpful. A better GIMP behaviour would take account of the number of
images being opened.

>   My question is... how do I force Gimp to come up at 50% zoom?  I'm
> running Gentoo linux, and using Blackbox as my WM.  As for GNOME and
> KDE, "the pox on both their houses" when it comes to useless, bloated,
> resource-hogging, eye-candy-filled desktops.  The GNOME and KDE people
> make some nice applications which I use a lot (Gnumeric, AbiWord, KDE
> Office.  etc).  I don't run desktops, I run applications.

I think you would have the change the source and compile it if you want to
achieve different default zooming. It is possible that my rusty version of
the GIMP just doesn't have the option you are after though.

Hope it helps,


Roy S. Schestowitz

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