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Re: Traffic Counts on Alexa

Paul Burke wrote:

> On Fri, 12 Aug 2005 00:42:57 GMT, AF <bscinc3000@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx>
> wrote:
>>I don't know if Alexa is important to seo, since Google seems to be
>>the top dog, but I am curious.

The two are completely separate. Alexa are not a search engine. I think they
are associated with the Internet Archive at the moment and used to have
some connection with Altavista.

They also provide some A9 (Amazon.com) tool (maybe passively), which
indicates ranks among search results in A9. A9 which primarily, if not
only, uses Google for search results.

>>Alexa gives traffic ratings.  Alexa also says its searched are powered
>>by Google.  What determines the traffic count for Alexa?

Spyware probably, even though SE referrals can be somehow used as well
(which in itself is spying). If you have a site where most traffic is from
Firefox and IT-savvy people (e.g. Slashdot), spyware will 'suffer' and
Alexa ranks are probably underrated.

>>And is it something worth worrying about for seo or as a webmaster?

>From the visitors' point-of-view, no(t yet). Very few people ever see Alexa
ranks. I have it displayed in my status bar, but it's the exception. I
don't think many SE's will use Alexa for anything because it's still
scarcely-known and rather inaccurate.

>>Best regards,
> Take Alexa rankings with a pinch of salt.
> Too easy to manipulate and don't give you a true reading anyway as it
> only targets certain people.
> plh
> Paul

I once read that the exception is said to be top positions. You can trust
the top 1000, for example, but not rely much on 100,000+. I know one site
with only dozens of daily visits and a rank of ~150,000. My main domain
gets about 1200 visits a day and is ranked 345,000th.


Roy S. Schestowitz

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