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Re: Removing Windows Partition

houghi wrote:

> Roy Schestowitz wrote:
>> Is there a fairly simple way of removing the Windows partition on this
>> machine and reclaim the space? That more-or-less empty partition takes
>> 66% of the total hard-drive volume and I have not even accessed it for
>> months.
> Yast -> Sytem -> Partitioner -> Yes
> There you doubleclick the partitions you would like to change. If they
> are next to each other, remove them and make a new large one. When they
> are not next to each other, just format them.

Thank you for guiding me through this. Your explanation has been impeccable
and helpful. I am backing up (mirroring) all my files at the moment,
preparing for the big step.

I am not sure what you mean by "next to each other", so I took a screenshot,
which will make more sense to you than it does to me:


I do not mind formatting the Windows partition as it is now obsolete.

> Also think about how you would name them. If you do not have a seperate
> /home partition, call it something like /home2. Come back later on how
> to procede from there.

At this stage, I don't mind what path it will be mounted under. I'd just be
cheerful having another 25 GB of RW filespace.

> Also you could call it someting like /home/user/mp3 or whatever
> directory you like.
> Do not forget to remove the links DOS or WINDOWS or whatever they are
> called.

Many thanks,


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