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Re: Removing Windows Partition

Roy Schestowitz wrote:
> Thank you for guiding me through this. Your explanation has been impeccable
> and helpful. I am backing up (mirroring) all my files at the moment,
> preparing for the big step.

You are welcome.

> I am not sure what you mean by "next to each other", so I took a screenshot,
> which will make more sense to you than it does to me:
> http://www.schestowitz.com/temp/filesystem.jpg

I am lucky not to have to work with you. Hate the colours. That said:
what I wanted to say is that it is most wise to have a seperate /home
directory. That way you can easily update SUSE without the need to
backup all of your settings.

>From the settings you have, you choose Format and just format it. Leave
the name /windows/C No problem.

Once you have formated it, just copy everything that you have in /home
to /windows/C. See that you keep the cerrect permissions.

Now log out as user and go to [CTRL][ALT][F2] and log in as root.
Unmount /windows/C with `umount /windows/C`
rename /home to /home_backup
change /windows/C in /etc/fstab 
mount /home
su to user `su - user` and see if you have all the files there with ls.
If that is the case, exit twice (once as user, once as root), go back to
[CTRL][ALT[F7] and log in. All should be working.

If things go wrong, you just go back to [CTRL][ALT][F1], unmount /home,
edit /etc/fstab to change it back to /windows/C and rename /home_backup
to /home

As till now only copying is done, no data is lost. If all works as
expected (To be sure give it a few days) you can delete /windows/C as it
is empty and even /home_backup

Now you have /home as a seperate partition, which will be a lot better
for you in the future.

Whenever you want to install a new Distro, be it SUSE or something else,
just remember not to format /dev/hda1 and mount /dev/hda1 as /home.
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