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Re: Running Firefox as default browser in KDE 3.2

Doug Laidlaw wrote:

> Roy Schestowitz wrote:
>> Doug Laidlaw wrote:
>>> Mozilla has been my favoured browser for some time.  Now, as a result of
>>> a security update to Mandriva, it had to be uninstalled and I have
>>> Konqueror (O.K. 50% of the time) or Firefox.
>>> With Firefox set as my default browser, KDE tries to save Web pages to
>>> my
>>> tmp/ directory and open them from there.  This is rarely successful.  I
>>> don't know why KDE does it, unless it is to force users to adopt
>>> Konqueror.
>>> I think that I noticed  a while back, a page describing how to give any
>>> browser for privileges and like Konqueror and Mozilla.  Please, what is
>>> the method?
>>> TIA,
>>> Doug.
>> What steps have you followed in order to make Firefox (strictly) your
>> default browser? My experience with KDE 3.1 had led me to doing the
>> following:
>> -Set external browser in KMail to Firefox
>> -Set external browser in KNode to Firefox
>> -Set filetypes html and htm to be openable using Firefox (put Firefox at
>> the top without affecting alternative applications)
>> These pretty much cover all cases in my personal daily use of SuSE.
>> Roy
> I did only the third.  I will do the other 2.  Syd's answer in
> alt.os.linux.
> mandrake seems more fundamental.  I will do both.
> Thanks,
> Doug.

Yes, I saw that answer after being 'wooed' to subscribe to that group. I
think you set follow-up to that group only... and I rarely have a glance at
the target groups before posting. *frown*

I hope it all works out anyway,


PS - I ever use Konqueror as a Web browser only once a month when I need to
do something that Firefox is unable to (a Firefox clipboard bug perhaps).

Roy S. Schestowitz

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