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Re: Reporting Content Spam to Google

Roy Schestowitz wrote:
Have you ever searched for a term and ended up in a site whose title fully
matched your search term? Quite often these days, the page reached was
constructed by a robot.

Such a robot must be running a search in the search engine of choice, then
picks up the HTML code at the top, adds to it a <title> which is the search
term and yet some template bits with adverts or subscription offers. I have
just reported such a site to Google and for the record, here is the direct
URL to the form.


If you find automatically-generated sites like that, be sure to spend 30
seconds filling out the form, thus discouraging Webmasters from using these
dirty techniques. These techniques seem to be just months old and I know
Google are willing to ban sites based on that criterion.

Thanks, (I had to get this off my chest)

It can be a heavy load and sure is frustrating. So be my guest. And many more should feel welcome.


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