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Re: Cant view folders from disk in drive

Hi Roy.

Ive had the laptop nearly a year.

All was working fine until about 2 weeks ago when I wanted a file off an old 
CD Id burned with files on it from my old PC.

I inserted a CD ROM Id bought with a product to test if it was dirty CDs 
etc, but it wouldnt open either. The drive reads the CD because the 
installation software of the disk Id inserted auto started, but it wouldnt 
let me double click the drive or right click and "explore"
"Roy Schestowitz" <newsgroups@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx> wrote in message 
> Tintin wrote:
>> This is not just happening to CDs I have burned myself, it wont let me
>> open and explore CDROMS that I have bought..
>> It wont play VCDs anymore either using media player, I have to select my
>> DVD
>> software to play anything off an inserted  CD
>> The settings have obviously changed somewhere but I dont know where to
>> look.
>> Please help me look at folders from inserted CD ROMS again, please!!!
> If it has taken up a lot of your time already, then I suggest you just
> re-install your O/S or restore it to factory defaults. I can't think of 
> any
> option in Windows that will, by principle, disable your ability to browse
> CD's. If I recall correctly, this is a new laptop to which you want to 
> copy
> data from your old computer (in which case formatting would not be
> disastrous).
> Has the CD drive ever been accessible? If not, then I suggest you just set
> the laptop up with Linux. If you can play DVD's off the drive, the 
> hardware
> definitely works. The system perhaps does not recognise the drive. If it
> has been like this since day one, contact the seller/vendor.
> Roy
> -- 
> Roy S. Schestowitz
> http://Schestowitz.com 

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