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Re: Redirection Problem!

Brijesh Kumar wrote:

> Hello Friends,
> I have one doubt regarding the redirection of one website domain to
> another!
> Case:
> We have one website suppose www.mywebsite.com and we have partnership
> with one Italy company and we offer them business and we want to
> redirect our website www.mywebsite.com to www.partnerwebsite.it ....

I think you should opt for a world map or gateway page where the user has
the choice. Otherwise, you simply tailor (or even worse -- redirect) users
based on location, which is something that cannot be changed and is not
their choice. Have a look at mac.com for example. If you are not a big
(PR8+) site, you probably have no justification for regionalisation.

>               www.mywebsite.com will only redirected to
> www.partnerwebsite.it only if some one type www.mywebsite.com from
> country italy....

Search engines might not notice that unless it's in the source. You might
want to contact Google et al. Be aware that redirection to an unrealted
site or a site that is not yours (e.g. www.mywebsite.it which is your site
in Italian) might be frowned upon.

> My Question is:
> What would be effect on www.mywebsite.com would it be black listed
> completely or some negative effects on my site ...
> We would not redirect if mywebsite will totally got black lsited in
> google and other search engines...

Get a word from Google to make this move a safe one. Quite possibly they
would not reply though. I imagine that they loadthe advertisements through
re-directions (as do users) and link trades (like two academics making a
pact to cite one another).

> I would be highly thankful to get answer soon..
> ---
> Signature stuff here (omitted)

Please correct your signature so that it is preceded by "-- " and a

Hope it helps,


Roy S. Schestowitz

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