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Re: Mail sync - Evolution and Outlook

central77 wrote:

> Let me preface this by saying I have tried so hard to dump W2k on my
> laptop, but it just isnt goint to happen - too many clients giving me data
> in Access and Visio formats while on site, so when I travel it remains in
> W2k mode and Outlook becomes the mail client of choice.
> Having said that, and given that when I am at home I am using Evolution
> under 9.3 on my desktop, I am looking for a way to keep my mail synced
> between the two machines (old stuff isnt a problem: all my historical
> stuff is converted between the two and now sits as two copies).
> Am I right in thinking that the following would work:
> Create an IMAP server on the desktop - use this to collect my mail (4 x
> pop3 accounts plus 1 clients IMAP account) and download it to the desktop.
> Use either Evolution or Outlook (over network) to access this in IMAP
> mode.
> Sync Outlook with IMAP server before travelling.
> Read pop3 stuff while travelling (but leaving message on ISPs server)and
> thus be up to date on stuff.
> Download all news messages to IMAP server when I get home, thus having
> audit trail copy of all email on desktop.
> FWIW the desktop does not run 24/7 (SWMBO would not be happy about that)
> so connecting while travelling is not an option.
> All the above looks pretty complicated to me, but having said that, once
> set up, significantly less complicated than some of the work arounds I've
> seen / tried before to keep two machines in sync.
> Any thoughts please?

To keep mail synchronised I use to be access everything using POP3 and not
erase messages from the server. To avoid accumulation of too many messages,
I ensures that both machines were up-to-date with respect to the server and
then popped (empties) the stack on one machine so that 0 messages remained
on the server.

As soon as around 50 messages piled up, I would 'pop'. As for outgoing mail,
you will need to send a BCC to yourself, which you can configure as an
automatic routines in modern mail clients. You then need to set up a filter
on one of the machines (the other one). Such a filter would move all
messages sent from you to the "Sent items" folder and ensure they are
marked as "Read".

I think that Stephen referred to the IMAP issue already.

Hope it helps,


Roy S. Schestowitz

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