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Re: Interesting Events

_____/ On Thursday 25 August 2005 10:22, [Harold] wrote : \_____

> When you buy a paper diary it often has details of "interesting" events
> shown on the relevant dates. Such details might include sporting events,
> public holidays in different countries, art exhibitions, music concerts
> etc. etc.
> There used to be a company (I think it was called On Board Info) that
> published this type of data for the old Psion series of clamshells but I
> think they shut up shop.
> Does anyone know if this type of data is published for the Palm (m515)?
> The software would, hopefully, let you select the type(s) of event and the
> country/countries of interest and then, based on your selection, generate
> some sort of update to Agenda.
> I don't mind if the thing is PC, web or Palm based as long as the selected
> details end up in my Palm's Agenda.

There are such programs for holidays, e.g. HolidayUSA


It will export all holidays to your Calendars and be able to go many years

I doubt whether you can find similar things for sporting events and the like
because they are announced year by year (very few at a time). The service
provider will need to retain a database and feed information to you. There
might be a commercial solution. I suggest that you search the Web for:
'Palm schedule import', 'Palm clock import' or 'palm event database'.

If you find a solution of this kind for your schedule agent (sometimes
incorporated into a mail client), you can perhaps import it, then import
from the schedule agent to Palm Desktop and synchronise it to have it in
your Palm. A long path of imports and conversions -> time-consuming and
often not feasible.

Best of luck!


Roy S. Schestowitz        "Disk quota exceeded; sig discontinued"

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