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Re: <title>Good for SEO?</title>

_____/ On Thursday 25 August 2005 15:23, [JS] wrote : \_____

> Hi guys
> In terms of SEO, are there any good rules of thumb for page titles?
> For example, should titles be a certain length? Should they repeat
> keywords more than once? Anything I should avoid while choosing titles
> for web pages?

Titles are _extremely_ important. To me they seem like by far the most
significant factor if you aim for good placement in the SERP's. I advice my
partner to stick to 3-4 words in the titles because knowing the PageRank of
his site, 1 or 2 words do not stand a change of making page 1 for any
query. Too many words make it too specific while 3-4 is just about the
right level in most cases. Repetition does not seem to be particularly
helpful and it makes the title look idiotic too.

When choosing titles for pages, I always spend 5-10 seconds thinking what
chance the title has of appearing in response to popular (frequent) search
and also be located among the top 10. Needless to mention, I also try to
capture the content of the page fairly well.

Example #1: (more competitive, less competitive)

Bad title for PR5 site: Google versus Microsoft

better title: Google takes Microsoft to Court

Example #2: (too specific, not specific)

Bad title for PR5 site: Appearance Models and Applications in Medical
Imaging Registration

better title: Appearance Models Applications

Example #3: (rare words)

Bad title for PR5 site: Guggenheim welcomes new visitors

better title: Google welcome new visitors

Example #4: (Rare spelling -- look at letters carefully)

Bad title for PR5 site: Google Criticise Microsoft

better title: Google Criticize Microsoft

Hope it helps,


Roy S. Schestowitz        "Beauty is in the eye of the beerholder"

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