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Re: Cross-browser Site Checks

__/ On Friday 26 August 2005 10:10, [Els] wrote : \__

> Roy Schestowitz wrote:
>> ___/ On Friday 26 August 2005 08:06, [Els] wrote : \___
>>> Toby Inkster wrote:
>>>> Roy Schestowitz wrote:
>>>>> Anybody who designs for the Web (even just with tables and without
>>>>> proper Web standards) must install that extension.
>>>> Would be kind of tricky for me, as I don't have Firefox on my main
>>>> development system. (Well, not a version that's actually *called*
>>>> "Firefox" anyway -- I have Firebird 0.6.x.)
>>> I have that one too, but you can install the newer Firefox versions
>>> next to it without a problem.
>>> (guessing you know that, but have some reason not to :-) )
>> What is _your_ reason, Els? Firebird for testing purposes?
> More than one reason, but indeed, testing is one of them.
> Another one: I still find it easy to have several browsers (with
> different icons) open at the same time for different purposes.
> Alt-tab between for instance Firefox and Firebird is quicker than
> Ctrl-tab-tab-tab-tab between two tabs in Firefox. I usually have about
> 10 tabs open in Firefox, anywhere between 6 and 20 in Opera, and only
> a couple in Firebird en sometimes even IE is open in one or two
> windows.

You can improve that ALT+TAB (+TAB^n).


That was in November last year. I use it all the time. It becomes very
natural -- mentally matching screen positions to a number.

If you test pages as you edit, you might also wish to run auto-refresh.

> Outlook Express...

You, madam, made me spill my Coke. I hope you're satisfied.

*smile* just sarcasm... I like that particular joke... please don't
misinterpret it. I used OE myself until last year.

> ...links open in Firebird, Dialog links open in Opera.
> Firefox is my main work-browser. IE is only used when I really want to
> see something in Flash, and for testing my own work.
> The rest of my browsers are really only used when a site is about
> finished, and I need to check for weird glitches and bugs.

Sounds more or less like what I do myself. It is hard to design and test
sites with just one browser these days. O/S likewise and it will get worse
as Windows is losing its share and diversity is better recognised.
css-discuss is full of (or plagued with) these "site check please" and "Mac
IE5 test"...


Roy S. Schestowitz        "Hack to learn, don't learn to hack"

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