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Re: Comment Spam for SEO

Roy Schestowitz <newsgroups@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx> wrote:

> __/ On Friday 26 August 2005 17:22, [David] wrote : \__

>> Obviously having the anchor text
>> as well would be better for them, but with the spamming scripts
>> available today gaining thousands of links is easy.
> How would you know?

Dave did some (manual I guess) "blogspamming" in the past. But serious, 
it's not that hard to see that blogspamming *is* easy.  I use my own 
scripts to handle posts, and check them (I get them by email for now). 
So someone was hired to write a script that works with my site. Or maybe 
they use a script that guesses based on form field names and type. Maybe 
calling the field for URL email and vice versa already makes it much 
easier to detect this.

> In fact, I sometimes wonder how you get PageRank
> for your sites.

Long ago he did some (manual I guess) comment spamming to promote page
(s) on a (free?) webspace site. I wonder if some pagerank of such sites 
goes to the free sites that are under it, maybe. Or just because he 
wanted to propate PR from that site to others. It's now his toy site, or 
so I guess (remember that SEO expert thread, it included some help from 
Stacey IIRC, or was that the "easy" MSN Today SERP) 

Anyway, hence the name SEO Dave, he used that on a few blogs, maybe 
others as well.

Moreover, http://seo-dumbass-sam.blogspot.com/ shows how far David can 
go at times (at least he's the only one I can think of to go that far). 
Lets hope that's in the past.

> Care to share? I am not implying anything, but comment
> spammers are either located in remote and exotic havens or have sites
> whose content and existence have no sentimental value to its
> webmaster.

Like a site on a freespace site, but with links to other sites.
> If somebody like John and I lost our sites for good, I can assure you
> we would be gutted (I know I would)

Gutted, yeah, in a way. I would not be amused, to say the least.

> I don't care. It's spam. It's that cr*p that has me cycling between
> pages and ticking boxes several times a day.

Pfft, I am glad I have had only a few of those (like 8 in 2 months or 

> sleep at night? (rhetoric, so no need to reply; I am marking this
> thread "ignore" and will no longer have it visible)

Hey, and now you are telling this :-(

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