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Re: Linux Becomes Female?

__/ On Saturday 27 August 2005 09:19, [David Dorward] wrote : \__

> Roy Schestowitz wrote:
>> If you develop a site for Average Joe, try telling him that you tested it
>> under some 'obscure' (to Joe it is) browser called Firefox
> With all the hype its been getting? Crumbs. Anyway, testing under "just
> Firefox" isn't a good idea. Far better to say that you tested under the
> top 5 most popular browsers and ensured that the code conforms to industry
> standards.

Correct, but Firefox was merely an example... but you already know that.

>> and worked on all graphics in the GIMP and not Adobe Photoshop.
> Don't tell him that then, unless he asks, and then refer to it as the GNU
> Image Manipulation Program.

Long name. *smile* I wasn't speaking for myself there, but it was one
example that must be rather common.

> ... but those aren't issues with the name "sounding feminine". They are
> issues with using software which isn't the market leader.

Exactly, like a big budget movie with a story that goes nowhere versus a
modest film with plenty of essence. Which one attract more viewers?

>> I can assure you that Professor John Smith (made up) does not want to
>> stand up at the podium using Firefox in front of an audience of
>> Microsoft-centric seniors.
> ... and changing the name will help - how?

As another analogy, think of someone who is employed as "IT support staff"
but describes him/herself as a computer engineer/professionals/whatever
(MCSE (MacDonald's Certified Sandwich Engineer) comes to mind). People like
the professional soundings of names. Firefox just doesn't cut it in my
personal opinion, but to name worse examples: grip, biff and all the
misspelt names that start with a K(DE) instead of a C.


Roy S. Schestowitz        "Seeing bad movies only encourages them"

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