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Re: linux distro for an OLD thinkpad

__/ On Sunday 28 August 2005 14:49, [Paul Bramscher] wrote : \__

> I've inherited an old Thinkpad (don't have the exact model # in front of
> me right now).  It was like P233, 24 MB RAM, 1 GB HD, CD/FD.
> What's a good slim distro to slip on it?  The box might be too weak to
> run a web browser, but should make an adequate ssh terminal, with xfce
> to provide a lightweight environment for xemacs or something.
> I've been a linux user since '99: RH 5.2-9, AS 3, SuSE 6-8.x, openSuSE
> 9.3, Ubuntu, m68k.  But none of these are quite right.  I need a modern,
> but very slim, distro.  Any thoughts?

Subscribe to uk.comp.os.linux; Find a broad thread from August 20th, subject
line: "Will Linux Run?"

It discusses a very similar situation.

<snippets type="quotes">

Simon Brooke:

"Of course. I use to run Linux (SLS 0.99pl11) on a 486dx33 with 8Mb RAM
and 40Mb disk. Ran fine. Yup, X11 and all."

Mark Hobley:

"I use Debian on Pentium 100s here (with as little as 32Mb ram) without any
problems. I have reflashed the BIOSes to support 32Gb hard drives where
possible, but a 6Gb hard drive is fine."

Paul Sherwin:

"...Damn Small Linux would be a good start, and you
can install it on your HD if you want to. You can install and run most
distros on that hardware with care, though disk space will be tight
for the desktop oriented distros, and 32MB is low for many X apps."


Hope it helps,


Roy S. Schestowitz        "How do I set my laser printer on stun?"

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