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Re: File Synchronisation Solutions?

__/ On Sunday 28 August 2005 16:32, [RobDee] wrote : \__


> Background (skip if you want to get straight to the question)

I see some fundamental errors here, so will refer to your background too.

> Everything was relatively straightforward when I had just the one desktop
> at home, also a single laptop and occasionally imported files from work
> via flashdisk or CDR. But I now have 2 desktop machines and 2 laptops and,
> being a pretty disorganised kind of person, I find I have as many as 3
> versions of the same file all at different stages of "completion", eg.
> while showing a powerpoint presentation a few days back I made a couple of
> changes to the file on my superslim laptop. I never did get around to
> changing the same file on the other 2 locations in which it exists (as
> well as backups) I would normally rename such a changed file (eg add V2 on
> the end of the filename), but occasionally I may want to deliberately
> overwrite the original.

Use datastamps bound to the files or keep files on-line, i.e. where they
should be accessible universally. Always avoid merging, e.g. as required
when editing on 2 separate machines. Synchronise persistently.

> Question: What system do other users have for synchronising files between
> 2 or more computers which allows for the fact that either machine may have
> the preferred version?

Rsync < http://samba.anu.edu.au/rsync/ > or the like will keep your files in
one place without much manual intervention. Consider getting some Webspace
or networked server for your 'active environment', namely an area where
objects are put when they are volatile or dynamic.

You cannot always rely on datastamps as conflict can occasionally occur.
While the solution is not simple, it is well worth the investment.

> TIA for any comments
> Rob

Hope it helps,


Roy S. Schestowitz        Useless fact: A dragonfly only lives for one day

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