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Re: /.'d

  • Subject: Re: /.'d
  • From: kyra <kyra@xxxxxxxxx>
  • Date: Tue, 30 Aug 2005 15:18:07 GMT
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Roy Schestowitz wrote:

__/ [kyra] on Tuesday 30 August 2005 16:06 \__


Thanks :)
I was sooo tickled with excitement! Looking at the ysql log (ive got the
log dumping to mysql) it looks like I got about 4066 page views on that
page yesterday referred from ./ and about 500 so far today. Its not
much.. but I have only had that server up for a couple of weeks and that
domain too. usually it is aleeya.net that gets all the traffic.

Needless to say I was surprised!

For the better or for the worse? I suspect that people lie when they say
that they received 50,000 referrals or even 20,000. Your post was very
popular, highly commented, and must have appealed to many readers because
it was broad and general. CmdrTaco once spoke of a quarter of a million
readers, I think, but many must be skimping or just have a dormant Slashdot

Either way, you did well.


Well, I was definatly surprised for the better. I never dreamed a) id have near that in replies on the subject or b) that I would have anywhere near that much traffic from slashdot.

I guess I am still kind of in shock over it. I am used to aleeya.net being a high traffic site.. that is nothing new to me. But, the fact that where this article is at is so brand new... it just never occured to me it would get much.

More than anything, I was afraid the bandwidth would get maxed or that the webserver would fail (way to go apache!) As for bandwith.. During "rush hour" I was at work alle vening, so I would check once in a while the times to the server.. and everything looked good. I don't think that site will ever become a high traffic (normally) site as aleeya.net.. and I will worry more when I move aleeya.net off its server now and put it on this one ... but.. so far so good!

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