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Re: Searches excluding "$"

__/ [Philip Ronan] on Thursday 01 December 2005 11:09 \__

> "Chris" wrote:
>> Is it possible to search for pages and exclude the $ or £ sign?


Are you a minimalist? Or are you trying to find derogatory information about

>> For example I often search for sheet music and have to go through all the
>> sites that want me to pay for it.
>> The sites that give the sheets away for free generally don't have the word
>> "free" or similar on them, so it's hard to narrow the search to just the
>> free sites.

"Free"  is a common spamming word, much like "sex". Variations like  "free
subscription",  "buy one, get one free" or "freeware" help mask the  truth
while  still attracting visitors. You are facing a tough challenge telling
apart ham from spam. I know this because a search for free software can be
rather difficult. sourceforge.net and freshmeat.net make far better start-
ing point for that very particular reason.

Have you tried directories that contain information about freebies and are
not self-promotional?

>> I haven't found a search engine yet that appears to be able to exclude
>> currency symbols. Is there another way to do this?

These symbols will simply be skipped. These is rarely a value in indexing

> I think most (if not all) search engines ignore symbols like $ and £.
> However, you could try excluding other things like the phrase "add to
> There seem to be plenty of good links here:
> dd+to+cart%22

There  are  common characteristics to pages which contain  trolly/shopping
cart  modules  or packages. If you could identify that, perhaps you  could
filter based on URL?

Hope this helps,


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