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Re: [OT] Micoshaft kills vista

__/ [7] on Thursday 01 December 2005 02:03 \__

> http://www.theinquirer.net/?article=28049
> "the software giant Microsoft is planning to cancel its beta 2 release"
> Pasta la vista baby!

Code spaghetti out there yet again.

I guess when things don't work and the complexity is so high, a few more
iterations will make little or no difference. I can assure you one thing:
The most powerful feature of Vista will be on-line updates. Bug fixes and
loopholes will be the hallmark of that O/S.

> Instead it will ship the vista beta 2 as the real thing.
> Doh!!!!
> Here we go ALL OVER AGAIN!!!!
> Download pasta la vista,
> and turn your computer into pasta la vista
> with beta software! Woweee! And then pay for it all on top!
> There must be room for class action suits
> for this kind of behaviour?!

What's the alternative? I, for once, am happy about this. I look forward to
user frustration that will certainly drive the user away.

> Where are the anti-trust commissioners hiding
> when you need them?
> Still its good news for Linux and getting tapping into
> the Linux pre-install market with added urgency.

Vista gives an opportunity for showing that Windows does not evolve.
Moreover, it serves as proof that problems with Windows are here to stay and
the time to drift away is now.


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