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Re: amaroK sounds not as good as xmms

Hi Roy 

>> i would like to move from xmms to amaroK because of the nice management
>> functions but amaroK sounds very bad on my speakers.
> That shouldn't be the case. Did you alter the equalizers in XMMS? Any
> plug-in running in XMMS which enhances sound quality?

The EQ was always disabled in my xmms
> Look under Preferences in XMMS 1.x:
> Anything special among the list?

No. Nothing special. But i suppose the amarok sound is buggy, not the xmms
>> It seems there is a short delay effect of a few milliseconds with 'arts'
>> in amaroK.
> When changing songs? I noticed that too, but it's mainly because AmaroK
> does plenty of work when changing songs (OSD, append recommendation(s),
> playlist redrawn...). I suspect you are referring to something else
> though.

When i change songs, the player stucks for some milliseconds, although i
have a 3.4 GHz CPU.

>> Is there any similar program like amaroK?
> I suspect not... not for Linux as far as I can gather.

Thats a pitty. An Music Brains-enabled xmms with CD-Cover support and a nice
search function would be fine.

> Some people reported that AmaroK could not (yet) play MP3's or that sound
> did not play altogether. Among many users, no-one complained about the
> quality and I am not sure it is a measurable or detectable thing either.

Probably not detectable with standard PC-Speakers. But you hear the
difference clearly while comparing both players.

best regards,

Jonas Stein <news@xxxxxxxxxxxxx>           

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