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Re: Wow - SSDM

__/ [amosf (Tim Fairchild)] on Tuesday 06 December 2005 03:10 \__

> rapskat wrote something like:
>> Well, haven't been here in almost two months and I see that things haven't
>> changed at all.  Linux and OSS is still kicking ass and it's pissing all
>> the proprietary closed source people off big time.
>> My shop is booming.  I've been so busy running it I haven't even had time
>> to post here anymore.  I stole a moment tonight just to say hello to all.
>> We've become a bit notorious around here as the only Linux/OSS
>> knowledgeable shop in the region.  We've even had calls from Canada!

Good luck with all that!

>> Anyway, all the advocates keep up the good work!  It may not seem like it,
>> but every little bit makes a difference.  And to all the nay-sayers, just
>> remember that everytime you tell someone that Linux or OSS sucks, you've
>> just planted another seed of interest that just needs an advocate to come
>> along and water and it will flourish.
>> Best to all and Happy Holidays!
> Are you just passing through, or staying a while :)
> Stop in and have a coffee now and then at least, huh... It's been nice
> lately, esp with doof and tab and friends locked out with leafnode by many
> here...

Yes, the trolls have lost their voice, which makes this group even funner
than it was when I first came along.


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