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Re: TaskBar Icon only - no title please

__/ [Clinton V. Weiss] on Tuesday 06 December 2005 02:59 \__

> Roy Schestowitz wrote:
>> I read it, I was going to comment, but saying something along the lines of
>> "it  is  not possible" would often be unproductive and make it  seem  like
>> your problem was resolved when in reality it has not.
>> Why  do you have the full title displayed in the taskbar rather than  have
>> just  an  icon with tooltips (balloons)? This is the default behaviour  in
>> KDE 3.1 and 3.4 (both of which I can confirm to have these settings). Have
>> you  changed  it? Am I misinterpreting the question/scenario? I have  this
>> picture  in my mind where a task bar is accommodated with words (as in the
>> taskbar or even default quicklauncher in Windows).
>> Best wishes,
>> Roy
>> PS  -  I think I stupidly confused system tray and taskbar here. Have  you
>> tried  KasBar**?  I prefer that to a task bar. It can easily be added  and
>> provide you with previews as well as application icons.
>> **Main panel -> Content menu -> Add -> Extension -> KasBar
> I'm not too sure if you follow what I mean.  You mention the icons on
> the taskbar having tooltips, that is for "shortcuts".  I'm referring to
> the taskbar listing of open/active applications.  Standard behavior is
> having the icon of the application followed by the title of the
> application.  I'd like to remove the title and just see a list of the
> icons.  To get an idea of what I mean, open up several applications and
> then configure your taskbar to be on either the left or right of your
> desktop.  You'll only see the icon for the application.  I'd like to see
> this behavior possible if I were to have the taskbar at the bottom/top
> of the desktop.
> I've check out KasBar, it isn't quite what I'm looking for, but thanks!
> Clinton

If if want to hide the titles, probably in order to save 'screen estate',
then I am not sure you can do that. If you have place to spare, create an
external taskbar or use KasBar, which I find useful and appealing to the
eye. It enables me to neglect the standard taskbars altogether.

Best Wishes,


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