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Re: ot: oh my, what have we done?

__/ [William Tasso] on Tuesday 06 December 2005 13:25 \__

> Greetings One and All
> What on earth have we done to the English language?  By 'we' I mean IT in
> general hence the 'ot:' header.
>  From a recent news article[1] ....
> "[...] the power supply and processors [...] overheat, causing it to
> freeze."
> It overheats to the point of freezing?  wtf is that all about?  I know
> what is meant, you know what is meant, but it's no wonder that chap on the
> Clapham Omnibus[2] thinks we're all talking complete gibberish.
> Please remember your audience when penning your next great work. This one
> ranks right up there with "fighting for peace" ("shagging for virginity")
> Toodle pip
> ____
> [1] http://news.bbc.co.uk/1/hi/technology/4502572.stm
> [2] although these days that chap is likely to be a web designer on his
> way to work in Battersea (aka: South Chelsea)

It's  not  just the oxymorons like cruel kindness and laborious  idleness.
What's  often confusing are those analogies, humanisations or  naturalisa-
tions of computer behaviour.

What  do you propose? Would you rather set a convention whereby  computers
which  cease  to respond are said to have frozen? Or would you rather  ex-
plain that the CPU is working on an infinite loop due to improper breakage

Would you rather speak of a computer 'bugs' (yes, these creature that walk
among  the large circuits in the room)? Or would you rather explain that a
programmer did not exhaustively test his algorithm?

Simplifications  are very much necessary and that's why they exist. As the
chap  on  the Clapham Omnibus lives in a world where people are aided  (if
not  dominated) by machines, he might as well learn to cope. Resistance to
technology and modern terminology is never the answer.


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