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Re: public_html/.htm (client denied by server configuration)

__/ [Chaddy2222] on Tuesday 06 December 2005 06:27 \__

> Roy Schestowitz wrote:
>> At least once a day, I seem to be getting the following in my logs:
>> [...] client denied by server configuration:
>> [/home/schestow/public_html/.htm
>> I once tried to re-direct these as to avoid having them flagged as errors.
>> I think such redirections were impractical. What are these requests?
> I am not sure..
> Maybe it's something to do with some sort of browser / server time
> out.....
> Umm ahh... Or could it maybe that some one is trying to hack your
> server. Unlikely though I think that you could be getting those errors
> if that was the case.. Not sure. Out of interest  do you have a folder
> in the Public directory called html where your html files are stored.
> It just seams a problem where the browser has a problem with retrieving
> the filse of the server. That message you got though sounds strange and
> makes me think that something odd could be happening...
> --
> Regards Chad. http://freewebdesign.cjb.cc
>  I tried
>> finding out using searching engines, but dots do not get indexed, so
>> "public_html/htm" is what I get plenty of...

The  only thing I could ever think of was a link pointing to that address.
I  have  just run a Web search for that address, but nothing came up.  The
intersting thing is that requests come from different IP addresses and the
pattern  is stochastic. There have been 3 requests so far today, all  from
unique  IP's.  I  wonder if Apache can somehow be configured  to  suppress
these  errors. cPanel does not allow this though I tried several times be-
fore.  I suspect these error started to come up about 6 months ago,  maybe


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