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Re: Grafitti2: A Step Backwards?

Roy Schestowitz wrote:
> __/ [null] on Wednesday 07 December 2005 04:32 \__
>> Unfortunately, it is a necessary evil, as it's the result of a
>> lawsuit by - Xerox.  Apparently, Xerox was awarded the patent for
>> monostroke input in the mid-90's.  The result is that Palm had to
>> make a deal to get the Jot application and turn it into Graffiti 2.
>> That's why making t's is such a pain in the tail now...if you're
>> used to making them like a 7.  :(
>> The letter I've had the hardest time with is X.  I just can't seem
>> to make them anymore on my Zodiac 2.
> Why don't you just install the necessary software which would enable
> you to stick with Grafitti1? Why should you suffer? Why the
> unnecessary learning curve? I understand why Palm cannot ship it with
> Grafitti1, but it's similar to MP3 support in operating systems.

Well, the lawsuit is over, and Palm prevailed (Xerox's patent was 
declared invalid due primarily to prior art).

So Palm could go back to Graffiti 1 if they wanted to (not that Xerox 
won't start in again). Unfortunately, at least IMO, too much time has 
elapsed to simply go back: there are new users who know nothing but G2, 
and I would assume at least some percentage of long-time users who have 
adapted to G2. What I would like, as was discussed in another thread, is 
a "G3," which would have the option of using either G1 or G2 strokes. G3 
shouldn't take up much more room than G1/G2 as they share most of the 
same strokes.

Of course this doesn't help me, being a Treo 650 user. While I have 
installed Graffiti Anywhere--which does allow me to use G2 on the 
Treo--if I install G1 Graffiti Anywhere becomes practically unusable for 
me (no punctuation, etc.). So I guess G3--which I really don't expect to 
see anyway--wouldn't help me.

Fortunately I don't use G2 on my Treo enough for it to be a big issue. 
But it sure would be if I used a non-thumb-board Palm device--like the 
last one I owned (with G2, to which I then added G1).

But the real insult is that PPC's "Block Recognizer" is essentially G1, 
which they happily used while Palm itself switched to G2. Rumor has it 
that MS paid Xerox in order to use it. I find that amazing as Block 
Recognizer resembles Palm's G1 FAR more than it does Xerox's 
"Unistrokes" characters. MS should have been paying Palm more $$$$ than 
they paid Xerox, IMO. (Assuming they actually did pay Xerox.)


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