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Re: Every second listview row is black

__/ [Frank Steinmetzger] on Friday 09 December 2005 07:54 \__

> Hello,
> yesterday I player around with the theme selection of my KDE (3.4.1). Since
> then, every second row in list views, i.e. the rows that are little grey in
> the background in opposition to the pure white ones, is black. And because
> the writing is black, too, I can't reed a thing in there.
> Examples: amarok playlist, message lists in kontact.

I personally have it set to dark blue and/or black by choice. The fonts are
always white. Regardless, have you tried changing colour schemes under
Control Center? If not, have you tried restoring from "Style"? This might
provide an indirect solution. It sounds as though your settings are being
modified incompletely or something dysfunctional cannot be overwritten
successfully (see below).

> I also installed some games yesterday, however I am pretty sure it started
> with clicking on Apply in the theme dialog. At first all windows also had
> too thick borders (the dark blue frame in the Plastik theme), but this
> vanished after starting a new KDE session.

The size of the borders in Plastik can be customised. I think it's under
"Window Decoration". If this keeps changing involuntarily, this seems to lie
in agreement with the previous observation.

> Does anybody know this phenomenon? I'd apreciate any helpful hint to fix
> this. Cheers

An easy yet laborious fix, which is probably bound to work, would be to
change username. Create your .kde profile from scratch and then overwrite
the existing one or migrate between user accounts.


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