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Re: Every second listview row is black

Roy Schestowitz wrote:

>> yesterday I player around with the theme selection of my KDE (3.4.1).
>> Since then, every second row in list views, i.e. the rows that are little
>> grey in the background in opposition to the pure white ones, is black.
>> And because the writing is black, too, I can't reed a thing in there.
>> Examples: amarok playlist, message lists in kontact.
> Regardless, have you tried changing colour schemes under
> Control Center? If not, have you tried restoring from "Style"? This might
> provide an indirect solution. It sounds as though your settings are being
> modified incompletely or something dysfunctional cannot be overwritten
> successfully (see below).

I came to the same conclusion today when I remebered having changed the
theme to one of the dark ones. Obviously Crytal itself doesn't restore all
colours. So I searched on and found Appearance->Colours. There I applied
KDE default and everything was fine again :)

> The size of the borders in Plastik can be customised. I think it's under
> "Window Decoration". If this keeps changing involuntarily, this seems to
> lie in agreement with the previous observation.

This is gone as well, I think a session restart helped.

Anyway, thanks for the answer.
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