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Re: Posting Habits on alt.internet.search-engines

__/ [www.1-script.com] on Friday 09 December 2005 17:15 \__

> WhoTurnedOffTheLights wrote:
>> Well, it certainly goes a long way in showing off a poster's posting
>> habits.
>> I'm sure lots of folks might not like this sort of thing.
> I'm sure lots of folks will be relieved to know that this system does not
> keep the actual body of the message. That would not only reveal the
> poster's interests but also opinions. If you were actually spying on
> people, knowing opinions would be much more useful than posting habits, so
> this is truly a research tool in my opinion (no pun).
> With that said, if you did not want your posting habits or opinions known
> to the world, why did you post in a public forum like USENET? I want to
> let my word out but I don't want to be held responsible for it? Na-ah. Not
> on the Internet.

It  doesn't show posting habits/patterns reliably either. When replying to
cross-posters,  for  instance,  you could stamp your name  in  some  wrong
turfs.  If  you  dive  into some examples, you will probably  see  what  I


PS  - subject line changed because it had been pointed out that no  spying
is  indeed  involved. With most large companies, spying appears  partially
voluntary.  I don't know how to interpret cases like Real Network or Alexa
eavesdropping by default, i.e. out of the box. Or people posting to UseNet
unaware of the consequences...

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