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Re: Linux Stats Rising

__/ [thad01@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx] on Friday 09 December 2005 17:41 \__

> I was reviewing my web server logs last night, and found something
> interesting.  Here is the summary:
> Platforms
> ---------
> Windows = 82.3%
> Linux   = 14.5%
> Mac     = 3.2%
> Browsers
> --------
> MSIE    = 65.8%
> Firefox = 23.3%
> Other   = 10.9%
> Total Samples =  8715 visits
> Both the linux and firefox numbers are up sharply from last time I
> checked (about a year ago).  Linux used to be around 7 or 8 percent
> and firefox was barely a blip on the radar.  This is less than a
> week's worth of logs, so perhaps the sample size is too small to be
> statistically significant, but I plan to continue monitoring over a
> longer period.
> Methodology: A 'visit' is defined as a time contiguous serious of
> web hits from a single IP address.  This avoids bias from multiple
> page reloads or over-counting users who browse many pages on the
> site.  The sample was filtered to remove search engines and web
> crawlers and any hit that could not be clearly identified as one
> of the three major consumer client machines.  The MSIE and Firefox
> totals count visits that had those respective keywords in the
> client field of the web log.  All others went into the 'Other'
> bucket.  The raw data came from the combined logs of six domain
> names being served by a single apache installation, but two of
> those domains are basically placeholders that see very little
> traffic.  None of these web sites are Linux specific, though one
> discusses a cross-platform game SDK, which might skew the numbers
> slightly in favor of non-windows clients.  I plan to do further
> analysis to see how the clients distribute across domains.
> It is interesting to note that Mac has stayed relatively steady
> at around 3 percent for as long as I can remember, while Linux
> continues to grow.  Nearly all Mac traffic appears to use the
> Safari browser.  Some linux users are browsing with Konquerer
> or Opera, but Firefox and older version of Mozilla dominate.
> Indeed, the majority of the 'Other' category is older versions
> of Mozilla/Netscape.
> I'd like to compare this to Google Zeitgeist, but they don't
> appear to publish client stats anymore.  Are there any other
> reliable sources of web stats from high traffic sites with
> broad, general appeal?

You left out the most important nugget of information. What's your site


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