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Re: Linux Stats Rising

__/ [thad01@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx] on Friday 09 December 2005 19:24 \__

> Roy Schestowitz <newsgroups@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx> wrote:
>> You left out the most important nugget of information. What's your site
>> /about/?
>> Roy
> These four domains account for most of the traffic:
> glaci.com         = general technology consulting
> skilltrek.com     = training services (very new, low traffic)
> aliensforbush.com = political humor (outdated)
> gridlsammer.org   = cross-platform video game SDK
> Glaci.com accounts for most of the traffic.  I have a few sub-websites
> under that domain for various friends and clients.  They cover topics
> as diverse as classic car clubs to air conditioner repair.  Nothing
> about Linux other than a brief mention of my Linux background in my
> bio on the main glaci.com website.
> Platform distribution appears about the same regardless of the domain
> name.  Linux is actually a bit lower on the gridslammer site (about
> 10 percent), perhaps because gamers are more often Windows users.
> It is definetely not skewing the numbers upward like I initially
> suspected.
> Next I think I will filter on just the Linux clients and see what
> web specific pages they are visiting... see if I can find any
> patterns or reasons for the higher than expected stats.
> Thad

__/ [thad01@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx] on Friday 09 December 2005 19:43 \__

> thad01@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx wrote:
>> gridlsammer.org   = cross-platform video game SDK
> Oops, that should be gridslammer.org.  Sorry about the typo.
> Thad

None of your sites delivers Britney Spears lyrics, so it doesn't give a full
picture. I hope you accept the fact that places on the Web which to us are
dark alleys exist nonetheless.

As for my site, 63% of its visitors (so far this month) use Windows. On
another site that I created and collaborate on, which revolves about humour
and opinions (more of the Average Joe's material), the reality is entirely

There are at least 3 large bodies that monitor traffic for reports that they
publish. Figures like 40,000 sample sites crop into my mind out of nowhere
(no references, I'm afraid), so it's safer to go by what they say. Their
primary aim is to gather browser statistics and I don't believe they have
bias in favour of MSIE.


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