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Re: So Peter Quinn is toast, uh?

__/ [B Gruff] on Saturday 10 December 2005 17:23 \__

> I think that "toast" was the description used by one of the wintrolls here,
> when the Boston Globe reported a pending investigation into Peter's travel
> expenses.  Toast is also the word that I'd use - I'm raising a glass to the
> guy even as I type!
> The Boston Globe sorta corrects itself on about page 36 on a Saturday (now
> that it's done what it should have done in the first place, and talked to
> Quinn's boss rather than say that he "didn't return their calls" - over
> Thanksgiving!)
> Groklaw meanwhile makes some less-than-ambiguous comments!
> http://www.groklaw.net/article.php?story=20051210103842722

Your post lacks context. It would be meaningless to those who know nothing
about Peter Quinn or the older thread you were referring to. Have a look at
the letter IBM sent to the Massachusetts' governor in support the




Today, IBM extended its support for open standards by announcing a new
software product designed to fully support the OASIS OpenDocument Format for
Office Applications (ODF). Designed at IBM's development lab in Westford,
Massachusetts, the IBM Workplace Managed Client will help protect an
organization's investment in corporate data by promoting consistency,
reliability and open accessibility of its documents.



On top of it all,


(URL says the story)

Hope it contributes...


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