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Re: HEALTH WARNING issued by windoze zealotry study findings

__/ [7] on Saturday 10 December 2005 17:47 \__

> Gideon Kalejs Flat Fish wrote:
>> Y
> Yes, it seems true of this group, cola, that windoze zealots and
> non-advocates (who are undermined by those that do advocate
> linux and denigrate anything which is not
> in keeping with windoze their pea-brain activity)
> love to jump through hoops to find out why
> their money is not getting them anything better than clippy and BSOD
> when GNU/Linux is all free http://www.livecdlist.com and give
> so much more. Filters did not work for certain 'perceived'
> windoze zealot trolls. What should I do?
> That is all they live for these windoze zealots.
> There are of course mental and health issues surrounding Sun$ developers
> who pretend to windoze trolls - but we discover them eventually.
> A private parts study found that whilst windoze zealotry is supposed to
> part you from your money, if you repent, linux can save you.
> Linux advocacy, in fact does just that.
> Posters in cola are angels. Be weary of windoze zealotry possessed,
> fixated, hung up, dominated and sadly,
> controlled by Microshaft from behind. If you wake up in the middle
> of the night with your bum all buttered up with vaseline,
> you know another windope penetration has just occured from behind.
> Security in windope la-la land is a joke.
> Look at images of trolls getting in their heads over and above linux.
> Thats the joke. Yes, it's true, the study says so.
> Posters, namely 'windoze zealot advocates' either
> incessantly ramble on about Sun$ non-products,
> Macs or Microshaft. Very seldom advocates of linux stray
> away because they have everything. Sites like www.distrowatch.com
> says it all. Windoze zealots without their urges
> forcing them to butter the words for Microshaft,
> or some sexual (hello? whats this? - ed) need to
> curiously modify the way Microshaft is spelt,
> or apply homosexual labels to those posts made
> by normal posters from behind. That is often extended
> to their sexual arousal (yes Yes Mahha.. YEESS!! YEEEEEHHHAAAA!!!!
> - oops! sorry - ed) expressed by even modifying
> the name of the OP on occasion they the
> linux advocates believe to be something
> they call 'flatfish with a vertical smile'.
> Just a troll in general, and nowhere will you see linux
> advocacy being preached by Sun$ astroturfers trying to
> pass themselves off as windoze zealots.
> Listen, I will state this clearly only once....
>  It is of course very easy for a poster
>  to say "I didn't see the OP" or similar,
>  when the fake study shows their filters clearly
>  cannot keep up such enormous change.
>  They openly lie about what they say they cannot see, but
>  only to save face where they know it is impossible
>  to prove they cannot prevent seeing a post
>  they say they would prefer not to see. That is their delusion.
> Is that clear now?
> More clarity is needed now...
>  The time posters, 'linux non-advocates', jumping through
>  the hoops they place before themselves forces which them
>  to go looking in Google to see if where and their
>  filters failed or if a particular post was
>  cross-posted is very sad and obsessive.
> Thats clarity for you.
> The fake study also went on to show such
> activity on the part of the Sun$ astroturfers
> to be extremely unhealthy to the point leading psychiatrist
> and psychologist were worried that such behaviour
> results in abuse of used underwear and damages
> themselves and any kin that may have the misfortune
> to come into contact with them. The study of
> the 'linux non-advocate Sun$ astroturfers' also showed that they
> suffered severe degrees of unhygienic ways
> of living to that end when stressed by posts they were
> dismissive of or teased them, the 'linux non-advocate Sun$ astroturfers'
> would resort to scratching themselves violently
> the lesions already on their bodies brought
> about by bad hygiene causing the lesions to
> bleed furiously. Inflicting pain upon themselves was
> found to be the only way they could cope with the
> alternate pain they were receiving from the
> posts they disagreed with. Wowee! Look what Sun$ astroturds
> can do of their own making.
> The study of the 'linux non-advocate Sun$ astroturfers' concluded
> that they were obsessive compulsives to be feared
> in social environments, but in the safety of their
> own trailers, the public were unlikely to come to any harm. The public has
> since been warned of the effects. Linux can cure all this if microshaft
> vulnerability were taken seriously enough.
> Symptoms found are out and out lies, delusion, obfuscation, plonking
> obsessively, sycophantic agreement with their own 'linux non-advocates'
> kind - homosexual behaviour from behind towards trolls, the mention of
> Microsoft or Mac or Sun$ crap - general chattering amongst
> themselves about their homosexual tendencies - online scratching,
> handholding, and sexual advances to the president of Microshaft from
> behind, and even the stabbing in the back and eating or their own kind
> (yes, cannibalism, but that is for the moment
> only confined to Micoshaft chair throwing board rooms), and chicken flue
> like bird impressions of flying chairs.
> If god had meant chairs to fly, it would have given them
> wings Blammer you idiot!
> Please note; the symptoms are by no means limited to nor exclude anything
> that may later be attached to said windope zealots where seen fit.
> There will now, following the study endorsement,
> be applied a health warning on all long trolls and ranting
> disturbances in COLA outlining dangers to hygiene and mental health issues.
> Windoze Zealot Posters in cola love to jump through hoops
> for their audience. So please contribute.
> Throwing peanuts at them will continue to have them jump.
> --


No space past the two dahses in a signature escape sequence. Its removal is
what the Outlook family <http://home.in.tum.de/~jain/software/oe-quotefix/ >
does by default to 'help' the user. I apologise to have fed the trollery.


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