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Re: Wget and Music (was: Web Rhapsody...)

__/ [houghi] on Saturday 10 December 2005 16:53 \__

> Roy Schestowitz wrote:
>> __/ [houghi] on Friday 09 December 2005 18:18 \__
>>> Roy Schestowitz wrote:
>>>> Choose sites that suit your taste of music. There are Wikis that link to
>>>> MP3 blogs, categorised by genre.
>>> An example of such a link could be a tad bit helpfull.
>> Reluctance due to something that the BBC published yesterday:
>> http://news.bbc.co.uk/1/hi/entertainment/4508158.stm
> They talk about illegal music sites. I thought we were talking about
> sites that had links to legal music sites. e.g. Ampcast has royalty free
> music. Three dead trolls in a baggie can be download legid AND free. You
> can also buy their stuff there.

The  music  is intended to be legitimate. Then again, I have  come  across
60-minute  mixes and radio recordings that incorporate music which is  em-
bedded without the artist's consent.

What  makes a difference? The fact that no CD ripping, peer-to-peer commu-
nication  or  an  exchange whose sender can be the user is  involved.  The
files are put on Web servers and then made downloadable to anybody without
mentioning  of  licence terms. It becomes a marginal situation  where  the
Webmaster is most liable (thus the article above got mentioned).

Can  a  user be breaking the law by opening a Web browser and  downloading
media from a site? Browser != P2P application. As I said, the music 'lump-
s'  are largely composed of tracks from small bands that strive to prolif-
erate their work and find exposure. If an idiot rips a CD and puts it on a
server,  my crawler might mistakenly reach it and be unable to discern be-
tween ham, spam (lots of junk music), and illegal ham.

If  you  want an analogy, think of people who want to sue  Google  because
their  crawlers picked up and made available in cache pages that were  in-
tended  to be hidden or imagery that accidentally permitted access to  it.
Blame the robot? Hate the robot because it reached what was made public by
all  means,  whether  deliberately or not? I only know that  thousands  of
bands  want to be listened to and encourage downloads. Yahoo music  search
takes  this observation and trend further. If some assholes 'noisify'  the
freedom  of  sharing  in cyberspace (WWW in particular), it  is  them  who
should face the severe consequences.

>> ...oh, what the heck... here's something to nibble on while it lasts:
> These are all blogs about blogs. Only the first one is a bit usefull (I
> only checked the first link) and links to sites that publish copyrighted
> music. Not what I am looking for.
> The others just talk about other blogs that talk about other blogs.
> What I am looking for are real independend MP3 music numbers. Could be
> that some are hidden inside these blogs, I just was not able to find
> them. They all talk about albums and then have one number that they put
> into mp3. I would like to have the WHOLE album in a legid way.

For  full albums you'll have to run a refined search, but the intention of
scripting  is  to  have robots do all the work for you. I  often  get  the
source  of Web pages, then strip off all mark-up, leaving in tact  nothing
but the links. It should be as painless as listening to the radio, but you
can never skip tracks or repeat them on the radio.

__/ [Valentin Guillen] on Saturday 10 December 2005 17:20 \__

> So Houghi wants whole albums in a 'legid' way.......Not to worry:-)
> Sony has a shit-load of them for you to buy....in a 'legid' way.  Here
> they are:
> http://cp.sonybmg.com/xcp/english/titles.html
> http://www.sonybmg.com/indexmediamax.html
> Get your credit card out.  Oh, and don't forget to update your Antivirus
> while you're at it.


This  reminds me of those endless Windows-Linux arguments. There is  some-
thing out there that is free and is decent in terms of its quality, if not
better. Why go for shrink-wrapped stuff that confines you to lie in a nar-
row  space  (18 tracks for 15 Euros or notepad.exe and paint.exe  for  120
Euros)? Think of it as open-source music, as idiotic as it sounds.

__/ [houghi] on Saturday 10 December 2005 17:51 \__

> As I said, I go to Ampcast.com and can download a WHOLE bunch of albums
> legid and free. e.g. www.ampcast.com/music/22488/artist.php Do you see
> the Download button? If you like, you can even buy the CD. You have a
> choice to do one OR the other, without any legal hassle.
> You know, like you can get SUSE in a legid way.

Do  they permit you to just log in and then download 20 albums in just  10
minutes?  I  doubt it. The scripts take a small number of tracks (1)  from
each site and then move on, thereby avoiding traffic spikes and giving you
a good variety.

These are opinions only and I hope they don't anger anyone...


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