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Re: Adding Too Many Pages at Once?

__/ [jrobich@xxxxxxxxx] on Saturday 10 December 2005 15:54 \__

> About a year ago, I added a datafeed to my site.  It added about 17,000
> pages all at once.  Google immediately dropped me in the ratings --
> I've since read that when Google sees a large addition of web pages, it
> assumes these are not content relevent and will reduce your search
> position.
> I removed the datafeed pages (BTW, I had a "nofollow" robots.txt, but
> Google followed them anyway) and eventually regained my ranking.
> I now have about 2,000 "real" and legitimate pages that I want to add.
> I have a free sheet music site and would like to add these 2000 pieces
> of sheet music (they're all .pdf's).  I added them a little at a time
> -- a  hundred every two days -- and sure enough, after about a week,
> Google slammed my position again.
> Is there any way of adding a large amount of real content at once
> without incurring Googlewrath?

I  suffered  from the same issue when Google crawled pages it was not  in-
tended  to  crawl. This indeed led to a drop in the rankings and thus  the
number of referrals. Try removing the unwanted indexed pages:


For  some  reason, no action has yet been taken, even 3 weeks after I  had
requested  that  the  pages get dropped from cache. Don't get  your  hopes
high, but be aware that the ranks appear to improve (rebound) gradually.

Hope it helps,


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