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Re: Relative/Absolute URLS

  • Subject: Re: Relative/Absolute URLS
  • From: Roy Schestowitz <newsgroups@schestowitz.com>
  • Date: Mon, 07 Feb 2005 04:44:26 +0000
  • Newsgroups: alt.html
  • References: <pNudnYstc4_SeJvfRVn-rw@eatel.net>
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theo wrote:

> Cheers,
>   I am somewhat confused over using relative paths, due to the fact that
> different web-servers seem to act differently.  Is there a catch-all
> solution for relative paths? One host, if I use /index.htm or
> /tools/search.htm, it will always forever work. Another host,  can't find
> graphics or folders. Another host, I always use ../index.htm or
> ../tools/search.htm, and it always works like a charm.
> It's driving me mad, new hosted domain today, which I haven't figured out
> yet. One minute it's fine,  resolved, and next time it can't find a thing.
> HELP?  Any relative paths are supposedly linked from the root folder.  How
> do I determine the root folder?  Does anyone know of any good tutorials on
> this particular nightmare?
> cc

There is a similar issue with upper-case/lower-case where the obvious
solution is to care for case-sensitivity. This means that extra caution is
needed and on a Window$ host there is no way of testing this for guaranteed

As for paths, you should always be fine with "../tools/search.htm", for
example. This should always be relative to the current page. Having said
that, some crawlers are too (shall I say?) stupid to handle this properly.
Also, this induces a big cost when moving pages around and changing
levelling. It's a clear case of trade-offs. The best you can do is stick to
one host and not migrate too much.


Roy Schestowitz

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