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Re: Xinerama configuration

Roy Schestowitz wrote:

>I have Xinerama working fine with R13 over here. I don't use MATLAB
>Desktop though, just the shell. I run GUI applications
successfully >on both screens. Here are some suggestions:

That is heartening. Ive tried both shell and desktop modes with
similar problems. Could you post your hardware/software specs?

>-Is OpenGL working compatibly despite Xinerama being enabled? (not
>the case for me)

logospin works in openGL mode on the primary monitor. In order to
view the animation on the secondary monitor I need to issue:
      opengl neverselect
Also DRI support is disabled for Xinerama.

>-Is there any element in GUI's which tends to cause more trouble? Or
is it not working altogether?

It looks like certain elements in the GUI causes Matlab to freeze.
For example fdatool is a definite show stopper. A blank figure frame
pops up centered on the crease between the two displays. GUIDE seems
to work fine, but a simple gui with axes and button widgets chokes.

>-Any problems with applications other than MATLAB?

All aother apps seem to work just fine.

>-Can you confirm that disabling Xinerama resolves the issue?

Yes, everything works fine in twinview (setting the option xinerama
to false in xorg.conf) and in single display modes.

Morten Bisgaard wrote:
> I have Matlab and Xinerama working on Mandrake 10.0 - everythink
> worked
> after the install - Mandrake configured Xinerama itself.

Hmm looks like my problem could be distro specific. Could you
post/send me your xorg.conf?


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