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Re: Xinerama configuration

Rajiv Narayan wrote:

> Roy Schestowitz wrote:
>>I have Xinerama working fine with R13 over here. I don't use MATLAB
>>Desktop though, just the shell. I run GUI applications
> successfully >on both screens. Here are some suggestions:
> That is heartening. Ive tried both shell and desktop modes with
> similar problems. Could you post your hardware/software specs?

SuSE 8.1, MATLAB 6.5 R13, Pentium 4, 512 MB RAM, Raedon graphics

>>-Is OpenGL working compatibly despite Xinerama being enabled? (not
>>the case for me)
> logospin works in openGL mode on the primary monitor. In order to
> view the animation on the secondary monitor I need to issue:
>       opengl neverselect
> Also DRI support is disabled for Xinerama.

I have no OpenGL support at present and I cannot display advanced cursors on
screen 2. They kill screen 2 if I try. It is an X issue and I reported it
in Bugzilla.

>>-Is there any element in GUI's which tends to cause more trouble? Or
> is it not working altogether?
> It looks like certain elements in the GUI causes Matlab to freeze.
> For example fdatool is a definite show stopper. A blank figure frame
> pops up centered on the crease between the two displays. GUIDE seems
> to work fine, but a simple gui with axes and button widgets chokes.

Try updating X. It sounds like a problem at O/S level.... (see below)

>>-Any problems with applications other than MATLAB?
> All aother apps seem to work just fine.
>>-Can you confirm that disabling Xinerama resolves the issue?
> Yes, everything works fine in twinview (setting the option xinerama
> to false in xorg.conf) and in single display modes.

(continuing from above) ...or disable Xinerama when necessary. Quick
procedure: with root permissions run something like cp /etc/X11/singlemode
/etc/X11/XF86Config and restart X.

> Morten Bisgaard wrote:
>> I have Matlab and Xinerama working on Mandrake 10.0 - everythink
>> worked
>> after the install - Mandrake configured Xinerama itself.
> Hmm looks like my problem could be distro specific. Could you
> post/send me your xorg.conf?
> thanks,
> -Rajiv

Roy Schestowitz

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