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Re: Expense in Tungsten E?

In article <HvidneKqV_0FdHbcRVn-3w@rogers.com>,
 Phineas Whoopee <phineasewhoopee@hotmail.com> wrote:

> >> > Appears I'm not there yet.  After I load Expense and try to access it,
> >> > I get the message, Launch Error: The application cannot be launched
> >> > because it is missing localization information.
> Hi,
> "Localization" usually refers to parts of the software that handle your
> national language (e.g. English, French, Spanish...).  Software writers who
> have clients in many countries often split the software into two parts: one
> part that does all the work and one smaller part that contains
> messages/text to display to the user in her/his "local" language.  That
> way, it's easier to build, test, and distribute the same software around
> the world. I'd search your CD for something that looks like the local
> language part of the Expense Add-In.
> HTH,
> Mike


That's an interesting observation.  There are two Expense apps in the 
Add On folder (Mac OS 10.3.7).  One is Expense.prc and is the one that 
gives thee Localization error cited above.  The other is 
Expense_enUS.prc which one might choose based on your logic.  (I'm in 
the US.)

When I choose the latter and sync, it goes through the motions and 
appears, from the desktop, to have successfully loaded.  But it appears 
nowhere on the T|E.

Thanks for the input.


H. Lockwood

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