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Re: GIMP vs. Photoshop

renewontime dot com wrote:

> Hi Roy,
> IMHO, photo galleries aren't really helpful in comparing applications. 
> I'd expect there to be some incredible images from Photoshop artists,
> there are probably also 10x as many Photoshop artists as there are Gimp
> artists out
> there.  The two applications are just tools, and the more time you spend
> with each, the more comfortable you'll become.  A talented artist should
> be
> able to produce nice work with either application.  For the typical artist
> (if there is such a thing), I'd guess that the Gimp has maybe 80% of the
> functions of Photoshop, and I've found that about 40% of my Photoshop
> plugins work with the Gimp.
> Having said that, I'm a long time Photoshop user also, although I have
> probably never used more than 50% of it's power.  Recently, I started to
> use Gimp, and IMHO the latest version, 2.2, is a big step forward for
> Photoshop
> users.  With this version, you can customize the interface and combine all
> those darn tool windows, cleaning up your workspace.  The two are
> -similar-, but I've used Photoshop for -so- long that old habits are hard
> to break and
> I find that I get -irritated- with Gimp.  I'm sure that the tools and
> techniques to do what I want to do are in the Gimp, I sometimes can't find
> them...  This is entirely user error and I'm sure it's just a matter of
> learning and spending more time with the Gimp, but when I'm in a hurry I
> often go back to my old standard.
> Paul

Thanks for the advice, Paul. It's very much appreciated.

Roy Schestowitz

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