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Re: GIMP vs. Photoshop

Fr@nk Stef@ni wrote:

> Roy,
> I just want to let you know that I fully agree with what
> Paul wrote in his well reply.
> Additionally, as a long time Linuxer (kernel 0.99 end of 1992)
> I never used or missed Photoshop. I'm not very interested
> in making digital compositions with an IMP but as a photographer
> I use Gimp very often and extensive. I'm sure I could do
> what I want with both systems. As Paul said, it's of course
> a matter of real willingness and a question of getting used
> to the appropriate tools.
> Occasionally, I looked into PS ... but I didn't feel very
> comfortable ... ;)
> Regards, Fr@nk

Thank you, Frank. By coincidence, I also had this discussion on Slashdot
last night. It all began when a museum chose the GIMP  rather than a
commercial product for visualisation.

I haven't used recent versions of Photoshop all that much although it's
legally installed on my Window$ partition. I was using it quite extensively
as a teenager though. Once I could handle the GIMP, I found that it did the
relatively simple jobs I was after (e.g. add shade, make banner) more
quickly. PS can be quite a heavy bastard at times and I really miss Script
Fu when I use it.

Thanks again for your opinion,


Roy Schestowitz

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