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Re: Expansion cards

Sherry wrote:

> Never thought I'd get to this point, but I was getting close to filling
> up my Palm M515 so I purchased a 128MB SD card a few weeks ago to put
> my books and databases on.
> It's a bit slower pulling the books off the card than it was when they
> were on the Palm, but not unexpected. 

Yes, it is far slower.

> What I can't figure out is:
> 1.  Why can't I see them listed on the Palm when I attempt to see
> what's on the card?  (Looking under categories and under the Card icon)
> Am I looking in the wrong place?

Either use your book reader or download FileZ from:


> 2.  Why isn't the card being backed up?  When I hot-sync something over
> to the card, I get a message that the backup wasn't completed and I
> don't see those files listed in the backup folder on the PC.

Yes, by default it is not being backed up (can you imagine how long it would
take to copy 128MB over USB; from the Palm; every time you HotSync?!?!?).
Someone else can probably tell you how to do this (without products like
Backup Buddy)...

> Unfortunately, the info on expansion cards in the Help file, manual or
> on Palm's site is quite skimpy.

Some things never change.

> Sherry

Hope it helps,


Roy Schestowitz

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