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Re: From C++ to Java

"Sharp" <Sharp@SharpAddress.com> scribbled on the stall wall:
>> > Hi,
>> >
>> > I have asked this question in a C++ newsgroup, but I did not get quite
>> > the answer that I had hoped for. I would like to find out if there are
>> > tools which make large transitions from C++ to Java easier. I am
>> > looking at about one hundred classes with a logical hierarchy and many
>> > dependencies.
>> >
>> > Will any tool convert syntax semi-automatically? Will any tools
>> > simplify the construction of Java classes? Are there any tools or Web
>> > links that refer to this subject? Maybe some advice? Is this a smart
>> > move at all?
>> Probably not since the class heirarchy and design priniples of java are
>> very different from c++.
>> As for it being a smart more, I really cannot say. "the right tool for
>> the right task" is my motto.  Only you can determine whether java is a
>> better language for your project.
> Java is suitable for all projects, except mission critical projects.
> Prove me wrong.

Prove to me that God exists...See where we have our quandry now?
Your argument is simply religious rhetoric in favor of a language that
you like.

Besides, I have yet to see a project that is not "mission critical"
according to management.

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