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Re: "Thinks" and "Believes in"

  • Subject: Re: "Thinks" and "Believes in"
  • From: Roy Schestowitz <newsgroups@schestowitz.com>
  • Date: Sat, 09 Jul 2005 04:32:20 +0100
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Sharen Keim wrote:

> Regarding belief vs. knowledge, a pdf of an Enron document on the
> Houston Chronicle's website, at
> http://images.chron.com/content/news/photos/04/05/04/kean.pdf, a
> message from one of Ken Lay's underlings to him written soon before
> the bankruptcy, says near the beginning, "I believe everything we have
> been saying: we have the best business model, we are making great
> money, we are growing, we are addressing our issues and we have all of
> our capabilities intact."  Enron, especially Kenny Boy, were very much
> into contrived optimism, even when this was delusional.  Therefore, to
> say that one *believes* all those nice things that Enron was saying at
> the time that the whole company was uncovering all the hidden frauds,
> indicates that he didn't really *think* or think that he *knew* all
> those nice things.

I have had a look, but I still fail to see how it relates to the issue of
justifying the inexistence of God. Is there a subtle use of words in the

When somebody composes HTML=formatted E-mails (Steven), you know business is
on its way down...


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