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Re: Why is Google referencing wrong site ??

Roy Schestowitz wrote:
RH wrote:

When I ask Google to find web pages from my site www.axiak.com it
brings up a description from a site which is not mine. The description
comes from a page about hydroplanes that was cached by Google on June
27, 2005.

This is the link to the cached page:


Can anyone think of a reason why Google might associate some other
site's page with my website URL? I certainly did not have any links to

What is the best way to get Google to correct this?


I have checked it all around and everything that you say is true. There is
probably no explanation apart from the fact that a mistake was made...
unless of course your site was hijacked for a period of time when Google
was updating its cache. Perhaps your host had a DNS change recently or
relocated its equipment. Are you aware of any changes as such?

Have you tried the "dissatisfied with the results?" feature at the bottom?
Contacting Google is hard even if you have a justified reason for doing so.
AdSense is the exception because their revenue gets involved.


Thanks for the reply Roy. My host is Westhost. I do not believe they have made any changes. When I emailed them, they said it must be a Google problem. I will send a `dissatisfied with results` comment to Google like you suggested. If they reply I will let this news group know what they say.

I also noticed a discussion in this news group going on about Bourbon. The time frame seems similar so maybe it is related.

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