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Re: Linux Backups and Dots

houghi wrote:

> Roy Schestowitz wrote:
>> However, I ought to mention that I prefer to centralise my settings
>> outside dot files. I get _everything_ apart from ~/.* backed-up
>> (mirrored) twice a week whereas all the remaining files I manage to
>> back-up once a month or so. .alias is yet another dot file to keep in
>> mind.
> To not back up your .* files is just plain silly. Backups I use will
> backup .* files and only then when they are chnaged. This means that a
> .alias is backuped once and then the next backup when it is changed.
> Several files will use .* files or even .* directories. You should
> rethink your backup sheme.
> I use backup2l that does this for me. It backs up vereything in /home,
> exept ~/tmp where I do most downloads and tests and so on. That changes,
> has no real valueble data and so on. Also not backed up are cache
> directories.

I was a little brief and shallow when explaining about my backup scheme. I
have nightly cron jobs that tar and compress many directories and my Web
sites at their current state. I keep entire stacks of backups (7 days for
sites, 3 days for directories, 2 for complete mirrors). Among the .*
directories, I back up just a few settings files of interest, e.g. mail,
bookmarks, newsgroups, etc. I am more than sufficiently covered, I believe.
It was interesting to reveal the procedures that you use yourself. I
usually exclude dot files because of symbolic links that cause problems
when copying. That's why I choose to be selective.


Roy S. Schestowitz

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