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Re: Referrer.org Penalty?

  • Subject: Re: Referrer.org Penalty?
  • From: Roy Schestowitz <newsgroups@schestowitz.com>
  • Date: Wed, 27 Jul 2005 04:21:59 +0100
  • Newsgroups: alt.internet.search-engines
  • Organization: schestowitz.com / Manchester University
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Dr. Paula E, Burch wrote:

> Roy Schestowitz wrote:
>> Disappearance of pages is rather odd. You can see the history of Google
>> cache using the following tool:
>> http://www.yourcache.com/
> This looks like a great tool. It doesn't do much for my site yet, since
> unfortunately I had never consulted it before, but should more more
> useful to me in the future.

It is primarily used to spot disagreement across Google datacentres. I
thought you would perhaps spot a decline in the number of pages -- a quick
way of researching what you already have done the laborious way.

>> Referrer.org inclusion simply does not sit well. It sounds like the same
>> scheme which was combatted back in the days of "Florida" when link farms
>> were targetted. Referrer.org seems like an easy target for Google to spot
>> and penalise domains for. Remember that there are few shortcuts to good
>> ranks because once they exist, they get eradicated.
> Oh, well. It was nice being able to see what pages were linking where,
> but certainly not worth the troubles it may have caused. Referer.org
> does screen out most referral spam, but not every bit.

Don't necessarily blame referrer.org. It is hard to identify the culprit,
yet. In the past I had some unexplained declines that had me go nuts,
making unnecessary changes, erasure, explorations, etc. A short time later
I discovered that I had done nothing wrong in the first place (remote
servers were to blame) and all I had to do was to practically wait.
Patience can pay off even when it's hard -- meantally, that is.

> I think the issue might have been the fact that referer.org goes
> offline fairly often.

Shouldn't make a difference... it is not /your/ domain.

> It may have been making it appear as though my
> pages that includedlinks to it were not loading fully. The fact that
> Google was still listing some of my pages that had the referer.org
> added to them before its last cache of those pages made me think it
> wasn't referer.org, but now it does seem like the most likely
> explanation.
> All the referrer.org links are gone from my site, now.

Make sure you save the older versions of the pages if it is not too late
yet. You might, just might, discover a completely different cause for the
decline later on. Rather than regretting having made many changes, you can

>> Lastly, do not submit pages to Google. Google knows your site exists so
>> you are only wasting your time by re-submitting. If it was of any use,
>> people would script something to exploit it. This must be the reason for
>> that CAPTCHA they recently added.
> I may just be fooling myself, but in the past there were pages that
> Google ought to have reached on my site that they never bothered to. It
> seemed as though they did not want to drill down through too many
> layers. Some pages appeared only after I submitted them. I know that
> doesn't prove anything. Still, if they paid no attention whatever to
> their submission form results, they would not have needed to add the

I know. It's deceiving, but the word on the street is that page submission
has a futile effect. Maybe it is useful for small Geocities-like sites that
have no inbound links and are therefore unreachable 'islands'.

> Thank you so much for your suggestions. I'm working at home now, and
> not having anyone to talk to about things like this means I really get
> stuck sometimes.

Stick around here and you'll learn, share and develop ideas. I am subscribed
to about 40 newsgroups and at the moment alt.internet.search-engines is my
favourite group.


Roy S. Schestowitz

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