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Re: Avoid Switching from Palm to PPC

On 2005-06-14, Roy Schestowitz <newsgroups@schestowitz.com> wrote:
> Toby wrote:
>> On 2005-06-14, Debo <mddibern@student.cs.uwaterloo.ca> wrote:
>>> RS> Back in 2002, I spent the first few months messing about with all the
>>> RS> exciting features like Internet, E-mail and games. For the past 2
>>> years all RS> I have ever done is what I got a PDA for in the first
>>> place: scheduling and RS> music. I leave the rest to the proper 14+"
>>> workstations.
>>> I bought a PalmIIIx a few years ago for 50CAD, and it was stolen about a
>>> year later. I decided to buy a newfangled Clie TH55, and found that I had
>>> the same experience as you: I messed around with the 'fringe' media
>>> features for about a month. Now the only things I really use are the
>>> to-do list and the datebook.
> I can honestly say that I wouldn't mind going back to my M130. In fact, the
> only difference would be audio capabilities missing. I only listen to music
> via my Palm when I'm out -- perhaps half an hour a day, whereas I listen to
> music on the desktop/stereo about 15 hours a day.
>>> I have to admit, though, that the camera and the audio recorder are
>>> extremely useful, despite the low quality of the resulting media. The
>>> camera especially helps me keep a photo-essay of my life, which is sort
>>> of necessary now that my memory seems to be slipping on me.
> I totally agree on that. Have a look at the bottom of this <
> http://www.schestowitz.com/Family_Photos/ > page. I use an inexpensive
> Webcam to collect ~7,000 photos a year.
>>> I find the wireless LAN access to be mostly useless to me... maybe one
>>> day I'll find a valid reason for having it. Interfacing with the web with
>>> only a stylus is frustrating in the extreme, IMO.
> Wireless is usually available where it's unnecessary. It is not available on
> the train, out in the wild, or in your back garden, for example. Anywhere
> you get a signal, you can also get hold of a powerful workstation. Some of
> these expensive PDA features are as practical as the neon lights that guys
> install beneath their cars chassis.
>> I'd like WLAN on my Palm so I can control the music in my house
>> remotely via SSH. Sadly, I have a T|E, so that ain't going to happen for
>> a while!
> But if you're not at home, why open a shell for I/O that's not capable of
> being forwarded via X? Are you DJ'ing the house from abroad? *smile*

I get some kind of sick kick out of using as little bandwidth as

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